Saturday, 18 September 2010

Round 2: FIGHT!

Quoted from somewhere: "I feel like a dog. If I can't fuck it, or eat it, I piss on it". How true.

Life feels spoiled for me at this point. Living a life that I never believed I would. To many, it may sound like every guy's dream but at this point, I'm really tired and fed up of it. I have to drink to have a good night sleep...

Well, tonight I had a few drinks sufficient for me to sleep, thank to EvilCar for the company.

Thanks for reading. Gotta go sleep so I can wake up tomorrow with enough energy to go on with this bullshit.

Take care all.

I dedicate this to all of ya. "Lobang Korek"... This is why your car's suspension pass away earlier than your pet dog.

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